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Bibliographic citation

Weaven, Scott, et al. "Value creation through knowledge management in franchising: a multilevel conceptual framework." Journal of Services Marketing 28.2 (2014): 97-104. APA
Weaven, S., Grace, D., Dant, R., & R. Brown, J. (2014). Value creation through knowledgemanagement in franchising: a multi-level conceptual framework. Journal of ServicesMarketing, 28(2), 97 - 104. Retrieved from


The objective of this paper is to present an integrative systems model of knowledge management (KM) across the franchisor-franchisee customer triad. The conceptual development of this paper focuses on the areas of knowledge development, knowledge transfer and knowledge use within the context of dyadic monitoring, and key relational outcomes (partner congruence, relationship quality, perceived conflict, opportunism), and performance results (franchisor, franchisee and customer welfare).

Writing Style

This paper can be considered as an academic writing because the type of this article is a conceptual paper. Here, the academic writing refers to the style where author had provided a proper citation, such as footnotes and bibliographies as well as the ideas are well supported by previous literature. Nevertheless, in this paper, the authors not provided the footnotes but they still provided bibliographies and their ideas are well supported by previous literature. It also had been complemented with some illustration which is figure about conceptual model.

Usually, this conceptual paper is mostly based on theoretical considerations, theories, frameworks, models, and others. This paper tends to use no empirical data (sometimes to support certain thoughts and conclusions). Moreover, the conceptual paper has no normally no intentions to run specific analytical procedures, due to the lack of empirical data. Furthermore, a concept paper often refers to a proposal for research (e.g. PhD thesis, etc.) where students create a "concept" for their empirical study. Thus, there are only some conventional styles that can be traced in this paper such as the problem statement, literature review, methodology and conclusion.

This article has use the simple English which can be easily understand by the readers. In addition, the authors do not used any jargon words and they used simple sentences for easy to be understood by the readers. This helps the readers to reduce the time while reading it because most of the words are quite familiar and usually been used in many article. With that, the readers do not have to bother to refer the dictionary in order to find the words they do not understand. Nevertheless, there are few specialized terminologies that been used are quite complicated to be understand by the readers such as tacit-explicit knowledge typology. Not all readers can understand this word, only those who had basic in this field would understand it. Furthermore, the words that been used are more bias towards franchisee and franchisor. However, the information that been provided are been organized wisely with the sub topic for every topic that been discussed. It is also professionally written with abstract, keywords and biographies of the authors.


The article was published in the year of 2014. It indicates that the article is still current and relevance to use it as a reference in understanding the value of creation through knowledge management in franchising. Furthermore, the article also has promoted communication between the franchisee and franchisor that help franchising field become more expanded and improved.


The article is supported by figure about conceptual model. There are no empirical data or statistics that been used in this article. Besides, this article also been supported by many research of well-known authors that expert in this fields. The authors had used these previous researches to support their...
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