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Evaluation Criteria


February 16, 2015

Evaluation Criteria
Bradford Enterprises has experienced rapid expansion within the last 12 months of operations. The growth consists of going from 10 locations and 3000 employees in one state to the expansion of 22 locations and 8000 employees in seven states. The rate of growth has led Bradford Enterprises to the conjecture that managing growth and the intensification of the staffing pool Bradford Enterprises must implement an HR approach. The HR planning committee understands specific HR tools are essential to support staffing growth and selection of qualified staff to fill positions. Employees who are hired will have experience and skill sets to perform their roles and duties for the position they are selected to perform. To manage the expansion HR will incorporate selection tests, HRIS and succession planning. Selection Tests

Selection test are used to eliminate unqualified candidates who will not add value to the organization within an employment position. Incorporating testing measures will prevent unproductive time from being used scheduling interviews with individuals who are not viable candidates for vacant positions within the company. Selection test utilize are those that demonstrate an individual’s skills with computer software and applications. Aptitude test is another test that provides information on an individual’s attributes and qualities as a potential new hire for the organization. These selection tests are standardized and are equally administered to all applicants seeking employment with Bradford Enterprises. HRIS

“Organizations worldwide have begun to realize the importance of personnel in driving the strategic focus and relaying the goals of the business and have concurrently invested in technology and, in particular, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) to recruit support and manage its HR (Kumar, Aswanth, Parumasur, Brijball, 2013, p.861). Implementing a HRIS system will allow Bradford Exchanges an effective way to recruit external applications. Applications are loaded into database with information pertinent to workplace jobs. The information collected on individuals can be filtered in various ways. The HRIS system provides the necessary interface for Bradford Exchanges to look at a staffing pool of employees to assist in filling vacant positions. The systems provides information in various reports which include queries based on location, level of education, years of experience and technical skills. Succession Planning

Secession planning is an important aspect of managing human capital within an organization. The process ensures employees hired are trained and offered professional development to fill key roles within the company. Part of the process is that employees who are recruited will receive ongoing training to increase their workplace knowledge while supporting professional development. Succession planning within an organization builds internal workplace strength. Bradford succession planning to support rapid growth will be effective by identifying the organizations long term goals and putting measures, guidelines and practices in place to motivate, engage and support employees on their career path which may include professional development. Looking at employee trends throughout will support Bradford Enterprise in becoming people oriented. Recruiting and retaining exceptional qualified and skilled employees who become valuable resources. Bradford Enterprises must properly facilitate learning of employees to corroborate the Return of Investment (ROI) with their human capital. The ROI is determined by human capital, individual competences and social/economic benefit (Cleveland and Harne, pp.13-14). Conclusion

The rapid growth of Bradford Enterprises has determined specific HR approaches were required to support the intensity of growing staffing needs with state expansions. The tentative framework of ongoing...

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