Criteria for Evaluating Evidence on Public Health Interventions

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Drawing on and critically appraising varying levels and sources of data, perform a health needs assessment of a defined population. Select a health need and identify a strategy to address this need. Using the data you have collated, provide a rationale for your strategy that could be used to influence potential funders.

This report is about the population of the practice base, Cove and Southwood Ward in Farnborough, Rushmoor District .Rushmoor is a local government district and borough in Hampshire, South East England. The Health need assessment will profile the ward and compare it with Rushmoor local authority , Hampshire, South East region and England. The report is expected to present an independent overview of one of the key health issues affecting the population identified as alcohol. Profiling will focus on five data sets: Demography, Ethnicity, Socio-economic, Mobidity and Mortality .

Rushmoor Borough Council occupies the north-east part of Hampshire and is part of the commuter belt into London(Figure 1). It covers the towns of Aldershot and Farnborough(Figure2) It is one of thirteen districts in Hampshire( Figure3) used for comparisons in South East Region.

Figure 1: A map of Hampshire with Rushmoor Borough highlighted (Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right

Figure 2 Rushmoor Borough.
(Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right)

Source: Ordnance Survey data 2012

Health is defined by WHO (1946) as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Given the dynamic concepts of health and well- being, there is variation in interpretation or perception on individually as it is influenced by life experiences amongst other factors(Donaldson and Scally 2009). Factors that affect health are identified with a particular focus on medicine and inequalities in health( Tones and Green 2010. According to Naidoo and Willis (2010) Health is holistic and encompass the social economic and cultural factors that affect behaviour. Therefore, improvement of public health involves the promotion of mental, physical, and social well-being as well as the prevention of disease and injury(Cowley 2002). However, Acheson (1998) emphasize that the population in general have a potential to impact positively or negatively on health and well-being.

The Mermot report (2010), highlights that inequalities reflect social and economic inequalities in society evident in the individuals environment where they are born, live, grow, work and age and there is a strong association between poverty poor health and health inequalities. As these disadvantages begin before birth and continues through a lifetime, theoretically, the cycle should be tackled early enough to break the cycle. However this is not always as easy. In a community study, Hog and Henley (2008), reported that there is a potential conflict between the ethos of community development and the aims of the national policy-driven public health agenda whereby health professionals feel they are required to manipulate people in order to focus on policy-driven priorities.

The Healthy lives Healthy people document (DoH 2010) emphasize on the integration and innovative ways to empower people and communities to make healthier choices. Notably choice , in so as it exists, in relation to health is largely influenced by a multitude of financial , social, environmental and cultural constraints (Naidoo and Willis 2010). Hence, poverty and its associated health inequalities have been less readily resolved, a fact highlighted in the Black Report (Black et al, 1980), and reiterated by Acheson (1998) and Wanless (2004). However, some aspects of children’s health are beyond children’s control yet can have a large influence on whether they will survive infancy and may determine the quality of life they enjoy in adulthood such...
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