Crisis Intervention for HIV Positive Diagnosis

Topics: Family, Grief, Resource Pages: 3 (523 words) Published: October 1, 2013
John is in a crisis situation. He is 30 years old and has recently learned that he has contracted HIV because he once was a heroin user and shared a dirty needle. He has now been clean for 1 year and attends a support group for recovering addicts. His fiancé, Jenny, left him after he told her of his diagnosis and he is despondent and feels he has no reason to live. John’s fiancé has not tested positive for HIV. John’s family consists of a mother, a father, and a sister who all live nearby. Active Listening

How does John feel today?
oJohn feels fine physically and has never felt sick from this infection. oJohn is depressed about the break-up with his fiancé.
What stage of HIV does John have?
oJohn is asymptomatic, which is Stage 2.
Does John have a treatment plan from a physician?
oJohn has a treatment plan from his physician, which includes three drugs to combat the HIV and one for the nausea (side effect). Is he following his treatment plan?
Does John need nutritional advice/support?
oJohn does not have a Nutritionist yet.
Who does John’s support system consist of?
Mom , 48
Dad, 49
Sister, 26
All family members are willing to come to counseling
This does not have to mean a death sentence for John Counselor Knowledge prolongs life
Refocus on things John has control over
Medication adherence
Maintaining a proper dietJohn
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Continue Support Group for past addiction
How does John think his family is coping?Family Counseling Ask about future plans- wishes- dreams
Would John’s fiancé agree to come in for an educational session? Education
Provide educational materials and set up resources
Group counselingLOCATE
Living with HIV pamphlet FIND
Goal Setting
Medication adherence
Pill dispenser
Family (if unable to self-administer)

Family therapy
Weekly 50 minute sessions...
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