Criminology Theories: The Case of RV Grant

Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: March 23, 2009
We can apply different theories of criminology at any time in our everyday lives as police officers. Criminology is an interdisciplinary profession built around the scientific study of crime and criminal behaviour, including their forms, causes, legal aspects, and control. In the fallowing, I will identify a few theories that are the essential reasoning behind the criminal in this case.

The case history of R. v. Grant is that, Grant, an eighteen year old at the time of his arrest, was identified by two plain clothes officers in a high crime area, in front of a high school. The plain clothes officers thought that Grant looked suspicious walking by them, so they asked a uniformed officer to have a chat with him. The uniformed officer stood in Grant's path, told him to keep his hands in front, and began to question him. The plain clothes officers stood behind the uniformed officer. All the officers were bigger than Grant, and moved to maintain their position every time Grant moved. Grant was first asked only for identification, but the conversation turned to whether or not he had ever been arrested and whether or not he had anything he should not have. Grant said he had a small amount of marijuana. When the officer asked if there was anything else, he produced a loaded revolver. When asked what he was doing with the revolver, Grant responded he was dropping it off somewhere down the road. The revolver was seized and Grant was charged with five firearms offences. Grant's motion to exclude the revolver from evidence was dismissed. The judge found neither a detention nor a search. Grant was convicted of possession of a loaded, prohibited firearm, possession of a firearm for the purpose of transferring it, carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of a firearm with knowledge the serial number had been removed. The judge found the offence of transferring was made out, not because Grant intended to transfer the gun to another person,...
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