Topics: Crime, Criminology, Crime prevention Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Q1. How would you define crime? (5)
Technically, I would define crime as a variety of human actions an individual chooses to commit, which are classed by the judicial system within the country’s legislation as illegal under Criminal Law. Not all crimes are the same, some are committed by individuals and others by groups, some involve a physical attack on a person and some involve the damage or misuse of a person’s property. Unfortunately, many crimes these days involve the use or supply of drugs and many others are designed to induce terror on its victims. However, for a crime to have been committed it must be proven that the said individual(s) intended to commit the crime and it was a deliberate act. In addition, in most cases, but not all, committing a crime means a physical action has taken place, for example, the crime of theft means an item was removed or taken by the individual to, knowingly, permanently deprive its rightful owner of the said item. Q2. Write an overview about the area you live in pinpointing the crime problems you can see. (10) The area I live is middle class with the average house prices around £220,000 to £350,000. Like most similar areas around the country, anti-social behaviour, public order offences and the use of drugs play a major part in our crime figures, along with less common crimes including, car crime, burglary and theft. Living quite close to the local supermarket and park, during the day the biggest problem comes in the form of medium to large groups of youths acting in a manner that could be seen as intimidating to the elderly, or less secure, members of our local community. This is mainly in the form of causing a general nuisance including shouting, swearing, skateboarding, taking drugs and playing loud music etc. I believe that the current ‘hoodie’ trend does not help our youth, in general, because hiding away under a hood can be very intimidating to other. At night,...
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