Criminals and the American Dream

Topics: Crime, James Truslow Adams, Prohibition in the United States Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Aristotle once said, “Poverty is the parent to revolution and crime”. Throughout time, poverty has always played its part in America’s history. For some people, they were never offered as many opportunities as the average person. This caused them to look at life in a much different way, because they had to fight for many things that a vast majority of people never had to fight for. For some of these people, being a criminal was the ultimate American Dream. It was not that they were bad people, but they knew that living the life of a felon would give them everything they had ever dreamt of. This gave these criminals the motivation to chase their dream, achieve their dream, and eventually be blinded by the dream itself.

In America, there have always been classes among the people who live in it regardless of what time and age in history. When it comes to the American Dream, not everyone thinks of it in the same way. This is due to the fact that not everybody grows up in the same way at all. The life of an upper-class individual is commonly going to be much different than the life of a lower-class individual. This means that these people will usually have much different views on life. In the case of a lower-class individual, they usually grow up in a much more poor background. For the modern era, we could refer to this place as the “projects”. For people growing up in these areas, they will mostly likely always have it harder than others. In an essence, it is really clear why most criminals come out of these areas. It is simply because they are not given the opportunities of an average person. For many people living in this background, there was never a time when others would go out of their way to make it easier for them. Everything that they ever achieved was never handed to them which means there was never any breaks. Therefore for the people who had to work for everything they ever got, their lives did do them one favor. Their life motivated them to...
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