Topics: Crime, Criminology, Punishment Pages: 4 (1261 words) Published: February 19, 2014
A crime is an act, which breaks the criminal laws of a society and is punished by the state. Deviance refers to behavior which does not conform to a society’s norm and values. Once someone acts in a crime or deviant behavior that is not tolerated by society, they are sent to a prison. Many people ask this question “is prison a punishment or rehabilitation?” Prisoners who come out of jail, tend to acquire more criminal trades than education or anything else. In prison they learn how to make homemade weapons such as knives and other deadly weapons. Many ex- prisoners return to prison with bigger and more hideous crimes than before. But not all convicts go back to prison, some get out rehabilitated and maintain a good behavior. According the International Statistics on Crime and Justice, it is reported that there is a 3% increase in crime rates worldwide. Countries have come up with many efforts to combat crimes mainly through punishment or rehabilitation. Punishment includes heavy sentences like death penalty, and a long jail term, while rehabilitation includes lighter sentences like probation and counseling. In my opinion, punishment would be more important in a country’s attempt to combat crimes. I feel that punishment would be more effective as it would make the prisoners think twice before going back to prison. Although many argue that rehabilitation is more important as it will prevent criminals from committing crimes again, I feel that by sending criminals to rehabilitation it is merely removing criminals from the society for a short period of time and then sending back to society. On the other hand, punishment would be able to teach offenders that going to jail is not a place where they want to be and reducing crime acts. Punishment is more important because it is able to put fear into prisoners instead of getting away with crimes. Punishment will act as a way to educate the offenders that there are sever consequences and they have...

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