Criminal Technology

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Criminal Technology from the Past into the Future

CJ216: Computers, Technology and Criminal Justice Information Systems Professor Lally
July 19, 2011

In the past, technology was not very advanced; there were not very much communication devices. But the police managed to respond the fastest way to emergency calls. As time has passed, technology advanced, so all the technology that we have now 20 years ago people did not know of its existence. That is why we are going to analyze the changes that technology has had through the years and in what way has helped the police. Also we are going to see what positive changes technology will provide us in the future.

One of the advances in technology that the police have is the in-car camera system. This system has been very important to evaluate the performance of officers and their professionalism. The ability of this system to record video footage from the patrol has been very helpful in traffic stops, arrests, criminal investigations, training and internal affairs. Since the in-car cameras were installed the officers could detect drunken people or even other criminals and have also helped to exonerate officers from false accusations.

If we compare the technology from the past with the technology we have in the present we can see there is a huge difference. In the past, officers only depended on their radio and had to pass all the information they got in a case and then have to wait for the dispatchers reply to know if they could continue with the arrest or not. Now days, they still use the radio, but they also have another support system that is the laptop they have in their patrol, that way the officer can access more easily and quickly to the police database.

Technology provides to the police many other things that are useful in their line of work like: * Photo Enforcement Systems
* Thermal Imaging
* Graffiti Cameras
* Electronic White Boards...

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