Criminal Liability and the Use of Force

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Criminal Liability and the Use of Force

LEG 320- Criminal Law

The crime of solicitation is the intent to offer, persuade, or encourage someone to do something in exchange for money or something of value. The crime of solicitation is most commonly thought of as mainly prostitution. There are other ways that solicitation can be referred to as a crime, such as murder and drugs. The criminal solicitation does not have to be accepted for it to be a crime. The crime of solicitation is called an inchoate crime. “Inchoate crimes, also called incomplete crimes, make certain acts illegal even though no actual harm's done. Inchoate crimes serve to punish and deter people from crime. Three main inchoate crime types are: attempt, conspiracy, and solicitation. In order to charge someone with solicitation, the person must have the specific intent to try to induce another person to commit a crime. He must also commit some act to induce the other person, such as using certain key words or phrases specific to the crime. A person can't be charged with the actual crime solicited and criminal solicitation (Incomplete Crimes: Conspiracy, Attempt & Solicitation - 2012)”. The Times News has an article about a man that had solicited to have his wife and her sister murdered and to burn their home down in 2009. He was found guilty this month of the crime. The jury found him guilty of two counts of solicitation for murder and one for arson, but his mental and physical capacity from a surgery before the crime is questioned so he received a shorter sentence. The sentence was between five and seven years, which he has already served three of those years waiting for the trial (Abernathy, M. 2012). Solicitation of drugs is witnessed by my high school children all the time. The school is keeping up by having an officer in the school that interacts with the teens, and intervenes when problems arise. There are also unscheduled locker checks with a canine officer....

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