Criminal Law

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Prison Pages: 3 (1229 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Courtroom Paper

People always wonder, what makes this country so great? More than often people disagree with the answer given to that question. Some say it’s the freedom of speech that we have. Others will say that it’s our ability to vote and elect who we want to lead us. This is all well and good, but what really sets our country apart from many others is our right to a speedy and public trial of our peers. Some governments in other parts of the world reserve the right to take any citizen right off of the street and place him or her in jail with no other reason than a faulty witness who, more often times than not, is being pressured to bear false judgment against them. In our court system, there are many components that are in place to insure our citizens have a fair trial. I think the purpose of our country’s cornerstone of the American criminal justice system. Definitely being the most common punishment for serious criminal offenses. In ancient times, trials were held in massive courts and there was usually a fair length of time that separated each one. In today’s time, though, we have the means to hold several trials a day in any courtroom and the trials can cover a multitude of crimes at any given time. The other day, I had the privilege of watching our fair judicial system at work. I came to find out about the trial through my friend Polly Kohler. Polly, a bankruptcy lawyer, is normally very up to date and aware of the criminal trials each day. In the court case that I attended, the defendant Rafael Rocado was passed his preliminary hearing. Rafael Rocado was charged with the possession of heroin as a juvenile. When I attended Rafael Rocado’s trial, Rafael and his attorney Mr. Trumbakas were looking for extended time the time of the trail due to there not being enough evidence to keep Rafael in juvenile prison. They were looking for extended time for further evaluation of Rafael’s possession case. The trial started in the...
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