Criminal Justice Workplace Observation

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Punishment Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: March 21, 2012
Criminal Justice Workplace Observation
Jovita Gilliam
University of Phoenix
February 29, 2012
Raymond Smith
Criminal Justice Workplace Observation
The criminal justice system in any country in the world will not be complete without the prison. Some authorities and governments view the prison as a place of punishment, while others view it as a venue where a member of society can rehabilitate, and eventually be reunited with society. Whatever a person’s view may be, the prison will always be a part of the criminal justice system. This paper will focus on the influence of leadership, culture, systems, law, and influential stakeholders in prisons. This paper will also focus on the positive or negative influences of each factor and give examples of what management should do to improve the original climate in prisons.

The leadership structure in a prison is two-fold. First you have the warden and his jail guards. As the administrators of the prison, they are in a position of leadership over the inmates. They control or restrict their movement, enforce the rules and regulations, and punish or reward behavior. The inmates follow them either out of respect or fear, but more often it is out of fear of punishment. The warden and the guards are in a leadership position because they have been appointed by the government. On the other hand, a similar leadership structure exists as regards the inmates. They have gangs or groups, wherein a leader standouts among the rest. This leader then creates a leadership structure, composed of his loyal deputies or followers. They impose their own rules and regulations, even a system of internal punishment. Of course, the rules they create cannot go against the rules of the warden. However, there may be instances when the warden tolerates the imposition of “internal” rules among the inmates, so long as this will help maintain peace and order within the prison. More often than not, these “internal” rules are what...
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