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A Training Guide For
Law Enforcement Officers

Wisconsin Department of Justice
Law Enforcement Standards Board

December 2010

The Law Enforcement Standards Board approved this textbook
on December 7th, 2010.

Training Academy effective date is May 1, 2011.

All law enforcement basic preparatory training courses that begin on or after May 1st, 2011 must incorporate this updated textbook and any related updates to the curriculum. Courses beginning before that date may elect to use these updated materials.

Copyright © 2010 by Wisconsin Department of Justice. All rights reserved. acknowledgements

Many people have contributed to the writing of this manual. The Training and Standards Bureau, Wisconsin Department of Justice gratefully acknowledges the dedication of the Investigations Advisory Committee, which has developed the lesson plans, videos, and exercises for use by certified victims instructors. The current members of the Committee are:

Designated Representatives
Kevin Fults, Sheriff’s Representative
Derek Beiderwieden, Chief’s Representative
Dan Feucht, Wisconsin Technical College System
Duane Meyers, Wisconsin State Patrol
Patrick Mitchell and Victor Beecher, Milwaukee Police Department Todd Rosenstein, Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office
Daniel Roman, Madison Police Department
Ken Hammond, Training and Standards Bureau (Chair)
Stephanie Pederson, Training and Standards Bureau

Tricia Bishop, Chippewa Valley Technical College
John Flannery, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
Jack Pace, Madison Area Technical College
Josh Pudlowski, Rhinelander Police Department

Emeritus (non-voting) Members
Mike Koll
Judi Anibas

The Training and Standards Bureau would like to acknowledge the assistance of those who took the time to review the original manuscript in draft form and who offered many valuable suggestions for its improvement. Among those are the following:

James Curtis, Winnebago County District Attorney's Office
Paul Dedinsky, Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney
Jill Karofsky, National Conference of Bar Examiners
Don Liebenthal, VAWA-Trainer
Ray Maida, Wisconsin Coalition against Sexual Assault-Trainer Liz Marquardt, Task Force Against Family Violence
Tess Meuer, Wisconsin Coalition against Domestic Violence
Jennifer Senick-Celmer, Wisconsin Coalition against Sexual Assault Office of Justice Assistance-VAWA Law Enforcement Training Program Wisconsin Coalition against Sexual Assault
Wisconsin Coalition against Domestic Violence
Wisconsin Department of Justice-Crime Victim Services
Wisconsin Department of Justice-Crime Lab

Victim Needs3
Victims’ Rights16
Law Enforcement Responsibilities21



Historically, law enforcement has focused on the apprehension and prosecution of perpetrators rather than addressing victim needs. However, law enforcement officers must realize that if they treat victims with sensitivity and respect, those victims will cooperate with law enforcement which will increase the likelihood that perpetrators are arrested and successfully prosecuted. By placing victims’ interests at the center of response to crime, law enforcement can improve their ability to accomplish their primary mission – to protect, serve and preserve life.


1. Have you ever been the victim of a crime?

2. Has a relative or friend ever been the victim of a crime? How would he or she describe his or her contact with law enforcement (positive or negative)?

3. Have you read your agency’s policy in regards to assistance and services to victims?

A victim of a crime is:

a person who has been injured either physically or emotionally due to the occurrence of...
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