Criminal Justice System Assesment Paper

Topics: Police, Criminal justice, Law Pages: 4 (505 words) Published: November 17, 2014

Criminal Justice System Assessment Paper
Viridiana Salas
University of Phoenix
CJA 483
Futures of Criminal Justice
July 2, 2012
Hollis Severns

Police officers risk their lives every day for the safety of their communities. Justice is what creates our criminal justice system to help combat crime. The definition of justice may have a lot to do with police operations, yet both have their own meanings and ways to come about. Police operations carry on many components such as, enforcing equal justice for all, implementing all laws and regulations and applying them to everyone, and accountability. With modernized policing comes more complex challenges for police operations in the future, the demand for police knowledge and education is higher along with technical police areas in the criminal justice system, which has created more of a challenge for many. Justice speaks for itself, it is considered to be fair, honest, appropriate, and deserved. Justice can mean redressing any situation and getting to the bottom of it until a victim and an accuser are found. Justice is treating everything and everyone equally and with the same rights as others, non above others. When justice is related to police operations, they could almost be considered the same. In America, any person has the right to freedom of speech, has the right to their 4th Amendment (Search and Seizure), has the right to appeal a counsel, and so forth. All of these matters are taken into the consideration of police officials. For example, racial profiling has been an ever growing situation in America, due to much immigration status and cultural difference. Police have learned and trained on how to take certain measures when it comes to modernizing and implementing justice. Furthermore, there are many components that many police officers conduct to keep justice flowing in their law enforcement system. Enforcing equal justice for all is one of the major components that officers...

References: Robinson, M. B. (2009). Justice blind? Ideals and realities of American criminal justice (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.
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