Criminal Justice System

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Police Pages: 3 (1172 words) Published: December 9, 2009
Adrianne Miller
Intro. Social Problems 1160
Dr. Hasling
February 6, 2005
Is the American Criminal Justice System Fair and Just?
To answer if America’s criminal justice system is fair and just is a hard question to answer and discuss. The reason behind that statement is because there are so many reasons for why it is fair and just, and then there are many reasons also why it is not fair and just. This topic is something people argue over all the time and one that doesn’t have a correct or wrong answer. If I had to answer this question right away I would say that I am in the middle, I say that because of after reading the chapter on crime It made me see all the problems our criminal justice system has that needs working out. A reason to start of with why the criminal justice system is fair and just is with how they determine the crime rates in our country. They do this by focusing more on certain crimes and reporting more of those crimes than reporting on all crimes that are committed in our country. Another reason crime rates makes the decision hard is that our book says they underreport the actual extent of crime because they list only known crimes and ones that are reported. A good point our book makes why the criminal justice system is not just is when reporting crimes they focus has directed the public attention almost to all the crimes that involve violence and property in, which poor and minorities commit. Our book points out that a disproportionate amount of street crime in the U.S. is committed by young people, with those under 25 accounting for half of all violent crime arrest and three-fifths of all property crime. The book says this because the youth are disengaged from their parents and undergoing peer pressure, which I agree on. I am 22 and when I was in high school which wasn’t long ago I had a couple of friends who would fall under this statement. Some of them came from the lower social class, which our book points out that a...
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