Criminal Justice Research Essay

Topics: Education, Higher education, Teacher Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Ashley Mendez
Robert Reeves
English 115-80
3 March 2013

The educational system in America is deteriorating, which has lead students to failure and unrealized potential. Conversely, in Mike Rose's essay, "I Just Wanna Be Average" he describes not only the problems with Vocational Education, but the effects it has on kids who spend their entire educational career in Voc. Ed. In Michael Moore's essay, "Idiot Nation" he argues that the failures of the educational system and the lack of financing has been caused by the politics and the people who vote for them. Moore’s essay is more persuasive because he adopts a tone dripping with sarcasm and true passion for his cause. Mike Rose, in his anecdotal essay on education, describes not only the problems with Vocational Education, but the effects it has on students who spend their entire educational careers in these types of classes, who like himself, as a result of a high standardized test score allowed to take higher-level classes with more competent teachers. He illustrates these points by describing coping mechanisms that students develop to make up for their lack of a (real education). He also states that those who are knowledgeable, that they are (in the bottom) of the class, will be for the rest of their lives. Instead of receiving a higher education than average to make up for their learning disabilities, they receive a less-than-average education from under-qualified teachers. Rose also points out that the impact a teacher has on his or her students is very powerful. He states "students will float to the mark you set" (164) students will work harder if their teachers set the standards high. Throughout his excerpt, Rose shows through numerous examples that teachers are a vital part to a student’s success in life. Seeing Rose’s credibility in his story this quote was mentioned “I see nothing (in proposed regulations) for people striving for higher standards” meaning that he doesn’t see any reasoning to put...
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