Criminal Justice Questions

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Your second activity covers Chapter 3 and 4. These Chapters examine issues of what the criminal justice system ‘looks’ like (ideally), its operations, and the foundations of our legal system. After reading each Chapter thoroughly, please complete the following activity:

Cut and paste the following link into your browser: Read all six parts of the story or listen to the audio. Then answer the following questions:

1. How did you feel and what did you think about this case? Your response here can be non-academic, but the remaining four responses must be grounded in your course material.

In reguards to this case my feelings on this case is that I feel to a certain extent you are mental but this guy I feel knew what he were doing. Growing up he seemed like a normal boy growing up doing things that young boys did. I don’t feel that the mentally insane verdict should be used in courts. People should be held accountable for their actions under any circumstances.

2. Of the three goals of the CJ system, which goal would you like to see pursued in this case? Why? To strengthen your argument, tell me why you did not pick the two other goals, unless you felt there should be a combination). I would like to see the goal of preventing crime pursued in this case. I feel that after Kyle was found to be mentally insane and with the other disorders he should of never been released until he had been properly evaluated and placed in proper treatment facilities. I did not pick the other two goals due to the control issue has been addressed he is now serving time and may be getting properly treated. The doing justice part of our goals is that he is still alive and is where he isn’t able to harm anyone, and that he has to live everyday and think about what he did. In my opinion.

3. Does this story include violations of substantive law, procedural law, or both?...
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