Criminal Justice Prison Systems

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: June 16, 2013
LP4 Assignment
Heather Spier

If I were in charge of a state corrections department the way I would design my facilities would be similar but differentiate based upon the need of security. Criminals with longer sentences who have commited serious crimes such as murder, etc. would be placed in a maximum security prison. It would be surrounded by high stone walls with detection devices and huge spotlights. There would be great security as to eliminate any fleeing of prisoners. Criminals of less serious crimes such as minor assault and small thefts would be put in a medium security prison. It would be surrounded by tall chain fences with guard towers and there would be educational and athletic facilities open to inmates who have earned such privileges. Criminals that are not considered dangerous and whom are unlikely to flee and have non violent crimes would be put in a minimum security prison, something such as a farm or camp with adequate security and more privileges than those in higher security prisons but still taking their punishment. In each prison I would incorporate the custodial model, rehabilitation model, and reintegration model as needed. The custodial model would definie the amount of security and discipline individually needed/deserved and keep order thus to run an effective correctional facility. I would utilize the reintegration model in order to keep offenders more or less connected with family and the community a seen fit seeing as they may return to the community. With the rehabilitation model I would make sure there are services offered to those who seek and/or need help with things such as substance abuse. Eliminating the want to use drugs would be a great priority to help reduce the risk of crime being further or once again commited. I would also be firm with an inmate code to enforce good conduct in which the inmates would receive more “freedom” inside the facility and use of the facility’s programs based on their good cooperation with...
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