Criminal Justice Policy

Topics: Ethics, Criminal justice, Morality Pages: 5 (1608 words) Published: November 8, 2010

Criminal Justice Policy
This paper looks at the ethical challenges that criminal policy makers have to deal with. It identifies the challenges as; the policy makers having to decide on the support of frail companies, the issue of capital punishment, the differentiation of people from different backgrounds by law and the weight of the criminal sentences that should be given to various criminal offenders. In this paper, the various ways of engaging in responsible criminal policy making policies for the preservation of the employment are also identified. The paper chooses the field concerned with metropolitan disorder, sabotage and harmful behavior in the system and links it to the formulation of new enforcement units. The ethical challenges that face criminal justice policy makers. One of the ethical challenges that are faced by criminal justice policy makers is the issue of whether the government should support companies that are failing or not. While it is morally right to revive such firms, it is also wrong for the authorities to concern themselves with the happenings in the private sector. Criminal justice policy makers are therefore faced with the challenge of having to choose the right course of action while putting in to consideration the influence of such a firm towards the environment. On the other hand, based on ideological grounds it is imperative to look at the positive economic implications of the policy. Following the ideological grounds, it is also ethical to improve the performance of the economy by supporting the failing company. Putting in to consideration the weight of all these ethical issues, criminal justice policy makers are faced with the dilemma of having to choose amongst all the available options in order to come up with a morally sound policy that overrides the influence of all the other factors (Banks. 2004). In such a case, the policy makers will have to identify the course of action that provides an outcome whose effect carries on board the other aspects of morality that are embedded in the omitted policies. Another ethical challenge that is faced by criminal justice policy makers is tied to the issue of capital punishment. Although it is often viewed as a probity policy, capital punishment posses a great challenge to the policy makers. The dilemma comes in due to the fact that the policy makers have to put in to consideration the purpose of this form of punishment and weigh it against the overall impact on the social environment. In precise terms, the challenge is whether the implementation of such a policy will accrue an overall positivity to the society which will take priority over the negative effects of the policy. It is challenging for policy makers to accurately define the objectives of this kind of policy (which are morally right) and place them on a scale against the pro’s and cons of ignoring the alternative courses of action. Although the motive behind the policy of capital punishment is ever right, the ethical implication of the action of having to take a life in order to achieve the attractive public rationale is a major challenge to criminal justice policy makers. It is very easy for the policy makers to corner themselves with an unethical decision by creating a policy that is illogical in nature. This causes another challenge which is tied to the one in question. This is the challenge of gathering the unbiased information useful for avoiding moral panics in the society (Stolz, 2002). Criminal justice policy makers are also faced with the ethical challenge of whether to draw a line between races and people of diverse status quo in the policies they set for implementation. A good example is the issue of the policy to wage war against drugs in the society. In this case,...
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