Criminal Justice: Police Culture Paper

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Police culture, the group of individuals who may have similar personality traits. What properties enable police culture? What is the foundation of this culture? We may not understand the togetherness if we do not venture its history. Let us venture yet another aspect of law enforcement history. Police Culture and Associated Stressors

Some people may agree that most officers behave in a similar manner. In a study conducted by a group of prominent sociologists and criminologists, including Goldstein (1968), Neiderhoffer (1969), and Skolnick (1966), policemen and policewomen had very distinct personality traits (Grant & Terry, 2012). These individuals based four theories that lead to what they believed to be police culture (Grant & Terry, 2012). According to Law Enforcement in the 21st Century, the four theories are stated as Psychological theories. These theories argue that core attitudes are formed before the individual enters the police force and are a function of such things as family background, social status, and prior education. Educational theories. These theories state that core attitudes are acquired during police training and early years on the street and are passed on to recruits by older, more experienced police officers. Sociological theories. These theories state that police attitudes are shaped by the daily demands of police work and reflect the “working culture” of policing. Organizational theories. These argue that police attitudes and values are shaped by the organizational and working culture of policing and the demands placed upon officers by their police colleagues. (Grant & Terry, 2012, p.105 ). However, this point of view has been challenged. Many people also believe that officers join the police force for job stability, the excitement of the job; they have an assertive attitude, the ability to be authoritative and the heart to make a difference in their community (Grant & Terry, 2012).

Whether it is because of...
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