Criminal Justice and Associate Consulting Firm

Topics: Criminal justice, Prison, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (1223 words) Published: March 17, 2011
Consultant Scenario Paper
, Jarred Penn GEN/480 Interdisciplinary Capstone Course February 14, 2011 De'borah D. Reese

Consultant Scenario Paper Introduction
Summary of Team Member Skills Consulting team has several skills that will assist in working together as a team. The skills of this team consist of proofreading, PowerPoint and presentations, critical thinking, problem-solving technique, communication, teamwork, research, and observations. With these skills this team should achieve each task. This consulting team will need to use these skills in a cooperative manner to accomplish the goals of a consulting team. Role Identification The four positions that the company will focus on within this firm will meet, and exceed the client’s needs. These include a position in communication position that will deal with the clients while outlining the meetings and notes. This position will assist the consulting firm with planning. Another position critical within this firm consist of an editor position in charge of the oversight of the collecting data in the meetings, and editing including processing clients data information. This firm will include a research department in charge of handling sensitive research information gathered in the staff meetings ensuring correct facts and figure, in addition to the lead consultant monitoring, and finalizing all decisions. Within the firm this position requires for a reliable individual capable of managing the ethic of employees. At N' Jashica and Associate Consulting Firm Nicole’s skills in the correctional system provides a positive feedback within this firm on the recommendations...

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