Criminal Justice

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When I was younger and even until now, I have always been a person who was a problem solver. I always wanted to get down to the bottom of things. I constantly watched TV and the main shows I always watched were shows like “Cops” or anything that had to do with criminal investigation. As I got older, I started to understand more things and the shows that actually grasped my attention were CSI and First 48. I love watching these shows because I can already figure out what is going to happen before the episode is already over. I put myself in the situation of the investigators in the TV shows and think of what I would actually do. My dad used to work in the department of CSI for the Texas police Department so I have some background knowledge and terminology of what is going on. I frequently asked questions and I felt like I somewhat knew the life of a crime scene investigator. They get calls in the middle of the night and they have to go out to the scene.It is a very stressful and traumitizing job.When it comes down to the two shows of First 48 and CSI, they deal with crimes that involve murders and have investigation element.

CSI is full of trained investigators trying to examine the evidence. They find the missing pieces that will solve the case.“A criminal investigator is a person who conducts investigations for criminal cases. This person is responsible for collecting and assessing evidence for a case to pinpoint guilty parties. If you have ever watched an episode of CSI, you have seen criminal

Basic Criminal Investigation 2

investigators in action. The ones in the real world do roughly the same work, but they don’t always have dramatic cases to deal with.” This explains the job of a criminal investigator and the job duties will vary depending on what type of crime there is. When it comes to every crime scene, it goes through steps before it is considered solved or unsolved. If it is unsolved, they have tried numerous times to solve the case,...
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