Criminal Justice

Topics: Crime, Police, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: November 15, 2010
Know the different perspectives of justice 1)crime control perspective 2)rehabilitation perspective 3)due process perspective 4)non-intervention perspective 5)justice perspective How is crime measured? (UCR) uniform crime report Can you calculate the crime rate if given the numbers (you need to know the formula)  #crime/total popX100,000 UCR pros and cons PRO: paper trail; CON only 50% crime reported Index Crimes list and defined Part 1 (criminal homicide) Part 2 unofficial from NCVS NCVS pros and cons PRO: capture unreported crimes CON: no paper trail Self-reporting pros and cons: PRO: unsigned crime report; Con: subject not identified Bill of rights: What are the key issues of the following Amendments? 1freedom of               4search/seisurze5legal proceedings6crim process in fed court8excess bail/punishment14due process Legal definition of crime as defined in class (there are 6 elements)CON: natural law, criminal intent, RCW, statutory law,  common  law, Constitutional law What is homeland security and where do the laws around terrorism come from? Fed. agency; multi-agency joint ventures What is cyber crime? ID theft, crimes commit using computer

How do we control cyber crime? Develop techno skill= to suspects Where do we get our belief system? Mass media (newspaper, tv, web: religion, peers)  Know all the info discussed in class from the ½ sheet paper to include, but not limited to: Explain SRA and why was it important to the state of Washington? Can you do the math?  Given a sentencing scenario calculate the sentence? (Concurrent vs. Consecutive sentencing)

Explain the elements of the Balanced Approach and how Determinism and Free Will play a role. (It is a triangle.) skill training, comm. Safety, R act Who is the fastest growing inmate population? Black populations What are the three levels of sex offender registration in Washington State?  (1)level 1:unlikely to reoffend        (level 2):medium likely to reoffend (level 3) mostly likely to reoffend...
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