Criminal Justice

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January 30,2013

Criminal Justice System

In this paper the theme is to discuss the peripheral of the Criminal Justice system and its roles. This paper will also explain the process of the Criminal Justice System. In addition, it will give a brief description of crime, its relationship to the law and the models of how society determines its acts.

Crime and its relationship to the law
The definition of crime is a certain individual who commits a wrongful offense that is against the law. Crime is sometimes labeled as unenforced and can result in crimes and wrongful doings.. Crimes are determined to be offenses that is done wrong to the public or state. The relationship between crime and the law is without laws crimes cannot be enforced and therefore, society will take matters into their own hands. Without laws the society will not be safe and therefore, cannot protect the innocent from experiencing victimization (Schmallager, 2011).

Components of the Criminal Justice System
In society today there are two common laws that allow society to function and decide which acts are considered criminal. Those Two laws are known as the Consensus Model and the conflict model. The Consensus models concludes that the Criminal Justice system works together to reach an achievement known as Justice. However, the conflict model concludes that the Criminal Justice systems main purpose is to serve their own interests (Schmalleger, 2011). The criminal Justice system is composed of three sections. Those sections consist of Police or law enforcement agencies, courts and corrections.

Each component functions to comply. Police are the people who investigate and make the arrests. Their main purpose is to keep the streets and people in society safe from crime. The second system is the courts. The courts are used to settle disputes and...

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