Criminal Investigation

Topics: The Point, The Edge, Line segment Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: July 6, 2013
Doreen Garber
Week 6

The first and most important step in any crime scene investigation is to secure the scene. It sounds easier than it really is. The scene includes possible witnesses, victims and suspects. Securing the scene includes keeping unauthorized personnel from walking through the scene. The most common contamination results from police, ems, victims and witnesses. The best thing that can happen to a crime scene once it has been secured is nothing. Once the scene has been secured an interview of victims, witnesses and suspects will provide an overview of what to expect once inside the crime scene. The first responding officer will provide a lot of information on what was found upon arrival, what has been touched, moved or removed. The next step is to walk through the scene to get an idea of the nature of the crime, how it was committed, and point of entry and point of exit. The purpose of the walk through is to determine what needs to be more closely examined and what evidence may be present. Once the safest route for traveling through the scene has been determined, it then is time to take photos of the scene. Photos begin with the general to the specific, a picture of the parking area may be the starting point, with shots of exterior walk ways leading to the scene following. All entry point to the scene need be photographed concentrating on the suspected point of entry. The exterior shots should present a travelogue of how access to this scene was had. Once the exterior shots have been completed the interior shots begin. Room entryways, layouts points of access, contents and furnishing provide a panorama of the interior and will tell part of the story to the jury of what took place and in what order it happened. Once the general pictures have been taken, pictures of evidentiary items are next. All photos are taken ninety degrees to the surface of the object being photographed. All evidence should be photographed in place as found first and later...
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