Criminal Defense Case Analysis

Topics: Criminal law, Insanity defense, Suicide Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Criminal Defense Case Analysis Page 1

Tina Palacios

University of Phoenix


Criminal Defense Case Analysis Page 2 I know when we think of the court room we think about how we see it on television although television does not give us the full details some shows come pretty close. When I watch court TV I can see the reality in the courtrrom and feel the pression of the witness on the stand or the defendant trying to defend himslfe against the lawyer that is grilling him. Through all the court mumbo jumbo there are rules and different ways a person can get off and go scott free and there are ways that they can got to prison for a lot of years or for the rest of their life. In my discussuion of this paper a person will come to understand the various types of criminal defenses that are used in criminal trials. We may also examine the legal and medical perspectives on mental illness and insanity. There are two types of catagories in which criminal defenses can be identified and they are factual and legal. Factual states “I did not do it” and most of the defendants will use this to avoid their punishment by saying they did not commit the crime in question. Legal defense states “I did do it… but”, this category consists of two small groups and they are justification and excuse. In this defense both catagories each have several small groups with n themselves. Justification is when a dendant believes he committed a crime to avoid less harm to themselves. The first group in the justification category is necessity defense and this is when a defendant claims they commited the crime to avoid a greater harm that could have be done to the defendant or a third party. Self defense is when the defendant shows the court that someone try to do harm to them whether it was very bad or could have resulted in death so therfore they had to use the same force for their protection....
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