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Topics: Criminal law, Domestic violence, Crime Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: October 17, 2014
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Aside from watching the daily and nightly news, people nowadays rely on internet, you tube and even smart phones to get the latest news and happenings around the country. News about murder, fatal killings, sex, drugs, and police brutality are found interesting by public. News involving celebrity, sports and athletes, politicians and various authority figures are also among the popular stories followed by the media. Recently, a homicide news involving the mayor of Bell Gardens, Southern California aired in the news and captured the attention of not only the local followers but the nation as well. Mayor Daniel Crespo, 45, was fatally shot in his own home after an argument by the couple. Promptly pronounced dead in the hospital, the only suspect is his wife, Lyvette, who was questioned but later released by police authorities. No confirmed information surfaced as of yet whether the shooting resulted in arguments over money, domestic abuse, family problems or infidelity. As news progress, a 911 call by the mayor’s son was released stating that: ‘his mom was defending herself, his dad hurt him, and it was not his mom’s fault’. The mayor was described as a ‘generous man’ and no negative comments about his office mayoral duties were linked in the killing. Even the couple’s married relationship seemed to be flawless as described by neighbors, family and friends. As the news progress, new information will surely emerge in the following days ahead that will be anticipated by the public. Criminal cases and news stories like this caught my attention not only because it is close to home (California), but also because it is shocking and intriguing at the same time. Audience will keep following the story until all information is released. As little as the public know as of today, several speculations have surfaced by now regarding a ‘third party’ or a rift between the couple’s marital relationship. No confirmed stories or names released as of yet, but, as the...

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