Criminal Behavior

Topics: Police, Youth detention center, Automobile Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Human Behavior

Prostitution is illegal for a couple of different reasons. One reason is it spreads STD's, some can be treated but some can also kill a someone. Another reason prostitution is illegal is people are or willing to pay for the service and the income is not reported to taxes. In many states you will find law enforcement cracking down on enforcing this law by having undercover cops acting like they are interested in the service so we keep less prostitution of the streets and diseases as well. Driving while intoxicated is very illegal in most all states. Those that have been drinking should not be behind the wheel. It has been proven that once alcohol is in the system the body runs and moves a lot slower, along with the brain. This meaning driving and intoxicated could in doubt cause many accidents. Some of these accidents could involve others that are innocent and had not been drinking. Many states around the world are trying so hard to prevent drinking and driving. Some examples law enforcement are taking is going to local high schools and talking to the students about the effects that drinking and driving can do. Also the cops will show them some disturbing pictures hopeing this will help put a stop to drinking and driving. Another big step law enforcement is taking is setting up check points on the interstates or sometimes in town. This action has helped slow down drinking and driving, and is also helping cut down on innocent accidents. Juvenile smoking is very illegal because the children are under age. In most all states the legal age to smoke or buy cigarettes is 18. This meaning if you want to smoke or buy them you have to be 18 with a valid I.D. To prove that person is of age. First off smoking is very unhealthy and can cause major harm to the body. So by starting at a young age can really hurt the body and sometimes make that person very sick and unhealthy before they even reach the legal age of an adult. A big thing law enforcement is...
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