Criminal Backgrounds

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Hiring People with a Criminal Background
Tracy Hatchett
Report Writing – 6
Georgianna Ravenna
March 28, 2013

People are trying to get a job but with their background it is hard to do, when you have a background that will cause you to suffer when it comes to getting a good job. Employers are turning them down because of their background not their skills. There are ways to get a good job but it takes time an effort to do so.

Hiring People with a Criminal Background
People are trying to do right in life after getting out of jail but get put down by employers. There are a number of people in the world that has a criminal background and is unable to get a job because they get shot down by employers. Employers do background checks to determine if you are eligible to be employed in their facility. These people have to go through a lot to find work because of how employers look at them but there are some employers that don’t look at your background check. People are struggling when they get out of jail because they are unable to find a job. But they can try to go to some type of agency that will help them get a job but it might not be the type of job he or she wants. People make mistakes in their lives and want to turn their life into something positive but their background stops them from doing so. There are more than 73% of jobs that requires a background check before you get hired at the company. Most companies will hire you but others look at what the conviction was and determine whether to give you the opportunity to be employed with them. A person can try to go to school and get a degree but it is still a chance they will not be able to get the job they want. A lot of people that have criminal backgrounds have the skills to do certain jobs but they get shut out when it comes down to the background check. Most of the people that have a background are trying to provide for their families but employers make it hard for them to do. Most people that have been to jail do not want to go back but without employment they will do anything to take care of their families, even if that means doing what they did that gave them a felony. Employers look at what people did in the past and that is what messes up that person’s future and life. Everybody has a pass but not all of us have it on record, so why do employers look at people for the pat and not the future? Employers should look at what s person has to offer and not what they did in the past. You have people that got a conviction that is not that bad but the law makes it seem that way. There are people who were around the wrong people at the wrong time and get blamed for something they didn’t do but they are still punished when they get out into the real world. Most people have a reason for what they did but employers don’t take it into consideration. Employers don’t take the time out to talk to a person before rejecting them for the position. If employers would just sit down and talk to the person and find out what happened in his/her past, there would be less people in jail because they are able to do the right thing to provide for themselves and their families. Employers still look at that person as a criminal still when they are trying to apply for a job. If you are not a murder or a rapist it should not be a problem for an employer to hire you if you have to qualifications. When a person is qualified for a position an employer should find out what happened and why you was convicted. More and more employers are conducting criminal background checks on job applicants, which can make it much more difficult for the millions of Americans with criminal records to find employment and become productive, law-abiding members of society. States should have laws that prohibit across-the-board employment discrimination against people with criminal records and instead require employers to make individualized hiring decisions by applying specific standards. People...

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