Criminal Acts and Choice Theories Response

Topics: Criminology, Sociology, Crime Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Criminal Acts and Choice Theories Response


Choice theories apply different aspects that pertain to actions of criminal activity under study. The main goal of choice theory is to regulate actions of criminals that would explain why they do what they do. These theories generate factual information based on a persons inherent tendencies, background, social standing, Psychological temperament, and environmental influence. There are multiple factors that promote criminal activity. It is essential to understand the criminal mind if collective efforts are going to make progress in curtailing these activities.

Common crime models are the neoclassical perspective is that people make their own decision to break the law without any influence. Rational choice theory supports one makes a choice to benefit from criminal activity; outweighing the penalty. Biological theories are based on ones inherent tendencies. Psychological theories lean toward mental illness or chemical imbalance that may cause one to commit a crime. Routine activities theory attribute ones lifestyle to their criminal activity. Social standing as well as indifference to law and social welfare is also attributing theories to understanding the criminal mind.

I believe these theories affect society in multiple ways. Some are viewed as labeling and may contribute to social ostracizing while others are instrumental in developing a greater understanding of criminal activity in our society. Either way they are tools that help define, understand, and assist in lessening criminal activity and address reformation of the criminal mind. One needs guidelines and the perspectives from both male and female counterparts to deal with modern crime.
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