Crimes in urban and rural areas

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Topics: Crime, Criminology, City
It is African Americans and Hispanics from the ages of 16-24 who live in urban areas tend to commit more crimes rather than those ethnicity males in rural areas because of their lifestyle. Minorities who live in urban areas tend to follow what they see and believe that it is acceptable to hang out on the streets and commit robberies. They believe the deviant acts they commit are normal. Rural areas like Orange County, NY are filled with African American and Hispanics around the same age but there is less crime committed there. They both tend to do the same exact things but why is it that more crimes are being committed in New York City? This research paper seeks to explain the different variations on this particular subject and determine if Criminology theories such as the Genetic, Lifestyle, Strain, Social Learning and The Social Disorganization Theories have any effects the situation.
The objective of this research is to find out why there are more crimes committed in urban areas rather than rural areas. This problem is worth studying because one can find out the reason behind this problem by asking different types of questions using a survey for approximately fifty people who live in urban areas and fifty people who live in rural areas upstate. This objective is worth studying because it gives an idea of what types of crimes are being committed and who is committing these crimes. The hypothesis is that most urban areas are more congested rather than rural areas so these males who live in the urban areas of New York City are in poverty or low income families. There are more valuable things in urban areas that people can steal for themselves. Further, if you tried to steal something in a rural area, the chances are someone would recognize the offender.
Unit of Analysis
There are two primary units of analysis included in my research proposal. Both units identify African Americans and Hispanics from the range of 16 to 24 years old. The

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