Crimes Against People

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Crimes Against People
May 26, 2011

Crimes Against People
Crimes that are committed against a person produce a material risk that an offender will threaten body injury or actually use physical force on a person. These crimes are compiled of, but not limited to, offenses such as murder, manslaughter, battery, and assault. Although stalking is considered a crime against a person, it does not require the threat or use of physical force. I will provide you with a more detailed overview of the above stated offenses and the respective punishments for crimes that are committed against people. The material covered will be as follows: Murder- Felony Murder

Voluntary Manslaughter- Involuntary Manslaughter
Simple Battery- Battery- Aggravated Battery
Simple Assault- Aggravated Assault
Stalking- Aggravated Stalking
Murder-Felony Murder
Murder in Georgia is stated under Georgia code section 16-15-1. Murder, termed by the courts, is done when malice aforethought is present. “Malice means the intent to take a life without legal justification or mitigation.” (Shah, p 16) There doesn't always have to be a mental level of planning in every murder. It is important to consider what state of mind the offender was in when the murder was committed. An offender whose sole intentions is to cause the death of another individual has committed murder or malice murder, which is basically one in the same. Felony murder differs in that it does not require intent to kill. It does, however, require that an offender have the criminal intent during the commission of a felony, and as a result of said felony, the offender causes the death of an individual. A person who commits felony murder are sometimes called heartless. An offender committing murder, regardless of expressed type can be faced with lifetime imprisonment, with or without parole, or death. Voluntary Manslaughter- Involuntary Manslaughter

Under Georgia code section 16-5-2, voluntary manslaughter is an offense...

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Shah, Parag Y. The Code :A Reference Guide to Georgia Criminal and Traffic Law. 2010. Elizabeth Books, LLC.
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