Crime: Writing and Students

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T&L 818:Thematic Unit
Fall 2003- Dr. Paul Garcia
By: Connie Ubben and Aaron Faulkner

Theme: CRIME
Purpose: The lessons designed for this unit are intended as a guide to help students work in a communicative classroom environment making connections with different aspects of crime that blends listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Grade Level: This thematic unit is intended for adult ESL students in the intermediate level, but can also be used in high school (9-12th) intermediate and advanced level classrooms. With modifications the lessons could be made adaptable to the skill levels of younger ESL students.

Thematic Unit ESL Goals:
• Goal 1, Standard 3-To use English to communicate in social settings: Students will use learning strategies to extend their communicative competence.
• Goal 2, Standard 2-To use English to achieve academically in all content areas: Students will use English to obtain, process, construct, and provide subject matter information in spoken and written form.

• Goal 3, Standard 3-To use English in socially and culturally appropriate ways: Students will use the appropriate learning strategies to extend their sociolinguistic and sociocultural competence.

Unit Language Learning Strategies:
Direct Strategies:
Memory Strategies-Creating mental linkage by: grouping,
associating/elaborating, and placing new words into a context. Cognitive Strategies-Practicing, recombining, and practicing naturalistically; Analyzing and reasoning
Compensation Strategies-Guessing intelligently using linguistic clues: Overcoming limitations in speaking and writing.
Indirect Strategies:
Metacognitive Strategies: Centering learning
Affective Strategies: Encouraging yourself
Social Strategies: Asking questions, cooperating with others, and empathizing with others
We believe the activities and lessons in this unit are adaptable for students everywhere; teachers are encouraged to expand on the ideas.


LESSON 1-Introduction and Crime Vocabulary
LESSON 2-Grammar-The Passive (Crime)

LESSON 3-Grammar-The Passive (continued)
LESSON 4- Small Group Discussion on Crime

LESSON 5-Song Activities
LESSON 6-Online Lesson- Chain Stories

LESSON 7-Game Activities
LESSON 8-A Writing Workshop-Writing a Mystery Story


Introduction and Crime Vocabulary
Lesson 1

1A- Crime vocabulary worksheet
1B- Crime gap-fill worksheet

Objective: Students will be introduced to and learn crime vocabulary Warmer:
Write five jumbled words on the board and give the students two minutes to decipher them (Do one as an example so that student have the crime context in mind. Use a September 11th picture to elicit number one) 1. Iiahkingj=hijacking

2. ailj=jail
3. redurm=murder
4. stinglea=stealing
5. hefit=thief
1. Tell the students your own personal story about seeing a crime 2. Pair students off and give them two minutes to discuss if they have seen a crime . . . then nominate students to share
3. Web Map-Draw a web map on the board and write crime in the center (in pairs, students have three minutes to write as many words as they can on paper)
4. Elicit answers from the students and write them on the board. 5. Dictation- Dictate any words that students did not come up with (from Crime Sheet 1A)
6. Handout Crime Sheet 1A and have students read the definition of any new words
7. Pronunciation drills- first drill crime words chorally and then drill words to individual students
8. Crime Sheet 1B-read half of the examples of the crimes on the paper and ask the students to write (on a blank piece of paper) which crime they think it is. Pass out Crime Sheet 1B and students complete the remainder in pairs

Assessment: Collect Crime Sheet 1B and check if the students have mastered the vocabulary


1. Murder

2. Kidnapping

Unlawfully and deliberately
killing someone

Taking somebody by
and demanding money or
conditions to free that person...
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