Crime Wave in India

Topics: Crime, Police, Criminology Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: April 21, 2011
The crime wave in India

A PROFESSOR was beaten by his own students in Ujjain, A gang of nine taxi drivers from Gurgaon robbed and killed at least 35 people after offering them lift;Days after horrible Nithari killing, four decomposed bodies of children were recovered from a place in Punjab u must have understood on which subject i am going to speak . my topic is:increasing crime rate in india . Crime rate in India is rising very fast.daily we read in newspapers about Murder, rape, kidnapping,loot, sex scandals etc these are just getting frequent these days.Youth crime harms communities, creates a culture of fear . The reason needs to be found out: Is it due to unemployment or excessive freedom that prevails in our society?Is the frustration alone pushing people towards crime.The crime wave has raised many disturbing questions. Is India’s social system crumbling? Are the youngsters really more crime-prone than they have been in the past? And more importantly, what is the police and judiciary doing to ensure the safety of average citizen.

According to many psychologists, as freedom increases, so does crime rate

vicious environment of corruption and favoritism and lack of quality time spent by parents with their children due to excessive involvement in their own lives are some of the factors which are responsible for the rising crime rate.

Without strong guidance from a devoted father, it is all too easy for a boy to become a school dropout, to drift aimlessly into petty thievery.

The rapid economic development in India is also giving rise to crime some people move ahead rightfully, while others walk on the rules, and crime soars .
POVERTY, migration, unemployment, frustration, starvation, illiteracy,corruption nepotism and inflation are the major factors that stoke crime in India. Then, there is the desire to become rich overnight, and to adopt Western values. People are increasingly becoming materialistic. Resorting to crime is the shortcut...
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