Crime Revision

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Examinable Skills

AO1: Knowledge and Understanding (43% of all marks available) Knowledge of the subject or topic must be accurate
Must have sufficient depth of knowledge
To UNDERSTAND the material, you must be able to select the right knowledge to answer the question Must use SOCIOLOGICAL knowledge rather than ‘common sense’ knowledge

Yes I know what they mean
No I don’t and therefore need to revise what they mean
(a )Sociological concepts and theory: You must know what the terms mean

Social order

Social change



Social structure

Social action

The role of values

Relationship between sociology and social policy

(b ) Methods of sociological enquiry. You must understand the range of methods and sources of data used in studying crime and deviance

Primary and secondary data

Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data

Factors influencing the design and conduct of sociological research

Practical, theoretical and ethical issues in sociological research

(c ) Themes: you must understand how these themes apply to each topic and the global context




Social differentiation (eg age, ethnicity, gender)

Power and stratification (eg Social class)

Can you say you know and understand the following?
AO2: Application, interpretation, analysis and evaluation (57% of all marks)

AO2: can I do the following?
Yes I can
No I can not and therefore need to do revision notes on this Identify the relevant theories that could be applied to each crime and deviance topic

Select and apply a range of sociological concepts/sociological language

Select and apply empirical studies to the question asked

Identify contemporary examples and policies that link to the topic

Analyse and evaluate the methods used in studies to collect and record evidence

State the strengths of a sociological theory

State the weaknesses of a sociological theory

Organise my answer so that it reads structured and focused

Trigger evaluation sentence starters

The Examination Paper
2 hour
Carries a total of 90 marks
This unit is worth 60% of the total marks available for A2 Sociology (30% of total marks for A level)

Question structure
Question 1 and 2: You are advised to spend approximately 45 minutes on these questions. Questions 3, 4 and 5: You are advised to spend approximately 30 minutes on this question Question 5 or 6: You are advised to spend approximately 45 minutes on this question.

YOU WILL BE ANSWERING QUESTIONS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. DO NOT ANSWER ANY OF THE QUESTIONS ON STRATIFICATION AND DIFFERENTIATION!!!!!!! There will be two items on the paper, you will need to relate to the items and refer to them in essays. DO NOT START WRITING UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THE ITEMS.

Underline key words and write trigger words around the item to help you.

Questions 1 and 2: Only Crime and Deviance (Spend 45 mins doing)

Question (1)
12 marks
Mini essay type question (looking at a page of writing)
Usually AO1 based as the question normally says ‘examine’

Question (2)
21 marks
More of a detailed essay question.
The question is AO2 based as it is asking you to ‘assess’ something.

Questions 3, 4 and 5: Crime and Deviance with Methods (Spend 30 mins on)

Question (3)
3 marks
Normally asks for you to identify a strength/problem of a certain method and explain it.

Question (4)
6 marks
Asks for two problems/strengths and an explanation of it.

Question 3 and 4 could be given as ONE question. If this is the case it will be out of 9, but it will still ask you to talk and explain about the strengths/problems of a method.

Question (4 or 5)
15 marks
Item used in which you must refer to in your essay.
Asking you to assess something so more marks for AO2
This question...

Links: Key studies
In the ‘Obedience to Authority’ experiment (1974), Milgram found that 65% of his 40 volunteers were willing to inflict apparently dangerous electric shocks of up to 450 volts on people when instructed to do so by individuals in authority
Ackroyd and Hughes (1981) distinguish three types of survey:
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