Crime Prevention Program Assignment

Topics: Sociology, Social work, Young offender Pages: 6 (1451 words) Published: March 30, 2011
University of Namibia
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of Human Science: Section Social Work
Social Work with Groups (HSOW 3631)


Ex Youth Offenders Group

Sylvia Tjizake
Student Number: 201003490


Youth offenders are a problem in every town of Namibia, and Otjiwarongo is no exception. More youth are committing crimes and are kept in prisons all the country to serve their sentence, but little are done about the successful reintegration of these ex-offenders in the community. Ex- offenders need programmes and services that will assist them in dealing with crisis or if they experiencing adjustment difficulties. A lot of ex-offenders lack skills for employment because they have no skills when they land up in prison, and some are stigmatized and don’t know how to cope afterwards. This is a proposal to create Rehabilitation and Reintegration Services group for ex-youth offenders. The group will issue a report on all facilities they will need in order to set up these services.

II. Purposes of the Group
The purpose of the group is to assist ex-offenders by providing full range of programmes and services at the Youth Centre in Otjiwarongo that support the rehabilitation, personal, and social growth. The group will also encourage and support the successful integration into the community of individual offenders who served custodial sentences under the Prisons Act. Services to offenders will be provided primarily through group-based psycho-educational skills and skills-development program delivery. However, additional services to ex-offenders may be provided through individual .counseling and treatment. Ex-offenders work programs will as well be provided to give them an opportunity to develop practical employment skills. Role playing, behaviour rehearsal modeling, and reinforcement will be employed as method of teaching social skills. Practicing resume writing, application letter writing skills will also be employed in order to encourage them with more pro-social attitudes. Considerable attention is given to developing life-skills, vocational skills and educational upgrading. The following programs will be offered. The Thinking and Living Skills for integration programs offered are divided in five parts: 1) Problem solving orientation: help the youth to cope with problems by skills and tools on how to cope 2) Sorting out my wants and needs: to orientate the difference between needs and wants 3) Managing ourselves (emotional, thoughts): how to manage themselves in terms of anger, emotions, conflict. 4) Getting along with other people: sort oneself out

5) Staying on track: help the youth to set goals and how to reach them. The Ex Offender Work Program
Offenders work programs provide an opportunity to develop practical employment skills and is especially beneficial to those youth that may be unsuitable or unable to benefit from the TLS program due to language difficulties, developmental delays or poor understanding. At the Window of Hope Centre, young offenders work with the Alberta Forest Service doing campground and trail construction and maintenance, fencing, painting, tree planting, brush tending, seeding and preparing cords of wood in order to give them experience. III. Agency Sponsorship

The Window of Hope is a treatment program for youth offenders who have been currently release from custody and who have behaviour problems that might, if not detected and address early, result in dangerous and/or serious incident. This will be ex-offenders who are still living with their parent or on their own and the services will be offered from 08H00 in the morning till 19H00 in the afternoon. The centre will accommodate 10 male and 10 female ex youth offenders. The staff ration will be one staff member per five youths; direct care staff includes supervisor, social worker and clergy. Psychologist and psychiatrist will only be on referrals.

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