Crime Prevention

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Unit 39: Criminal Investigation Procedures
Assignment 4: Crime Prevention
There are many of crime prevention methods and organisations that help stop or prevent crime happening in towns and villages. One most popular organisation is the neighbour hood watch which is made up of small groups of volunteer residents from towns and cities around the country. Members look out for signs of crime in their own neighbourhoods, and share that information with each other and local police. They follow basic rules and guidelines set out by the national organisation, and they work closely with their local police force. Special constabulary is a part time police force that is made up of volunteers from the public that help spend some of their time helping to police their local community. Each of the 43 police forces in England and Wales, as well the 8 Scottish forces and British Transport Police, has their own Special Constabulary. The concept of the public helping to police has been in existence for literally hundreds of years - for a potted history of the specials, follow the link in the sidebar. Every "Special" is sworn in at court or in the presence of a magistrate in the same manner as a full-time ("regular") police officer. Specials work alongside their regular colleagues, they are based at the same police stations, and have the same powers in law, including the power of arrest. The duties carried out by a Special Constable are essentially the same as those carried out by any regular police officer. Generally speaking Specials will support regular officers by patrolling on foot or in a car, alone, with another special, or with a regular.
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