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Topics: Police, Crime, Crime prevention Pages: 19 (3370 words) Published: September 1, 2014

The Role of Police Community Precinct
in the Jurisdiction of EAC in preventing crimes

A Thesis Proposal
Submitted to the Faculty of the
School of Criminology Emilio Aguinaldo College
1113-1117 San Marcelino St., Ermita Manila

Impartial Fulfillment of the
Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Panganiban, Red Angelo
Melendres, Lorenz
Bonifacio, Robert
Peco, Emmanuel
Avila, Jeremiah
Aguas, Angelito Jr.


TITLE PAGE ------------------------------------------------------------------- i APPROVAL SHEET --------------------------------------------------------- ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT --------------------------------------------------- iii DEDICATION ----------------------------------------------------------------- iv LIST OF TABLES ------------------------------------------------------------ v LIST OF FIGURES ---------------------------------------------------------- vi

Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Background of the study -------------------------------------------------------3 Theoretical of conceptual framework including research

Paradigm-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Statement of the problem------------------------------------------------------ 7 Hypotheses ----------------------------------------------------------------------8 Significance of the study ------------------------------------------------------ 9 Scope and limitations ----------------------------------------------------------10 Definition of terms -------------------------------------------------------------- 11


The researchers would like to express their gratitude and appreciation to the following who in a way or another had contributed for the completion of this research: First and foremost to our Almighty God who never fails to shower us with His blessings and gave us the wisdom and talent to accomplish these; To our parents who gave their selfless love to us their support financially and morally for the past 20 years of our lives. To Dr. Melchor Julianes our research advisers, who had shared his ideas and being an honest critic, and encouraged us to improve and make this research excellent; To Prof. Marivic O. Blancaflor, for patiently evaluating our works, and for the unending support and understanding during the progress of this criminological research; To Our classmates who had been very supportive and inspired us to complete this research. The researchers would also like to thank their classmates and friends; as well as the Dean, Dean Jeffrey B. Bajita, Faculty members and Staff of the College of Criminology; And lastly, to each and every member of this research team, for the dedication and unending sacrifices you exerted for the completion of this research.


The researchers would like to dedicate this thesis to their loving and supportive family for their efforts in making this study successful. To our classmates and friends who supported us in every single way to make this study possible; to our professors who shared their brilliant ideas, inspiring and guiding is to make this study an excellent research.

Lastly, to our Almighty God who never fails to give us the divine guidance, strength and determination in order to make this research very successful.

Chapter 1



Since time immemorial, everybody has been dreaming to have a peaceful, secure and stable community. Unfortunately, it has remained a dream in the Philippine society today because of lawlessness which hampers economic growth. Policing is essentially about communities and for communities. That is why we must always take account on public opinion in informing policy,...
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