Crime Persented in the Media

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Want Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: December 11, 2010
Is the nature of crime in our society accurately presented by the media? I feel that the nature of crime in our society is not accurately presented by the media, because it is over represented by the way they portray crime storys and the way that when they find a story that gives them high ratings on the first story they decide to continue it over a few days or weeks to get the most out of it. As to me all the media wants out of crime is choosing the storys to get the best reaction from the public and to make the public feel that crime is on the rise all the time. The crime in our society over the past few years has been presented on a need to know basis. The way the media look at crime is that we only need to know about the crime that is surrounding celebrities and all the crime that is going to make us sit up and say “that could have been me." The media only want to make people think that the rate of crime is on the rise by publishing the crime stories that seem harsh in nature then they are. This is how they can stay in business. Media portrays crime in different ways, but most of all they over report crime all the time. Crime shows like to portray the way crime is handled in our society. From the way the police handle crime and the way the criminal justice system punishes those who commit these crimes. Media outlets like to make crime more effective by over dramatising the crime commited and then they make assumtions of how and why it happens. This is the way that people want to hear about crime as it is how the media wants us to feel about crime. The media offen only report on one side of the story due to the fact that they have very few contacts and so they make stories from the information that they can get and if its wrong then they don’t care they will report it anyway.
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