Crime Mapping

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Raymond Lamboy

Kaplan University

Crime Mapping
Course Number CJ 425-01
Professor Michael Krupnik
December 14, 2009

Burglary To Motor Vehicles
The United States have experienced waves of crime which have come and gone. Most well known, the crime epidemic between 1850-1880 which appeared associated with social cataclysm induced by outsized-scale immigration. So, how do we study these events to avoid history repeating itself (Schmalleger, 2007). Rachel Boba (2009) explains, "crime mapping is the process of using a geographic information system to conduct spatial analysis of crime problems and other police-related issues. The spatial nature of crime and other police-related issues is central to understanding the nature of the problem". In this discussion contents of geographic data and descriptive segments of a "Burglary To Motor Vehicle Map" will be explained. The following map portrays criminal activity (burglary to vehicles) displayed through a geographic information system (GIS) which translates elements in the real world (roads, buildings, lakes, and mountains) into forms that can be displayed, manipulated, and analyzed. In addition to police data such as crime, drug houses, and parolees (Boba, 2009).

The time period being analyzed in the following crime map for the incidents portrayed, range on a monthly time frame ( January 1, 2006 - January 31, 2006). This method of identifying patterns and describing patterns which can be displayed in several series; time of day, day(s) of the week, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly is known as time series analysis (Boba, 2009).

Line features represent street segments a real-world element that can be represented on a map. Not standing alone, other types of line features represent power lines, bus routes, rivers, and streams. Similar to point features, every segment of street keep up a correspondence to a record in the feature shown in the data matrix...
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