Crime Is Gendered

Topics: Crime, Assault, Rape Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Agree or Disagree: Crime is gendered. Explain your answer.
Crime is most certainly gendered; meaning it has biased toward the male or female sex. An explanation for this can come from an understanding about which crimes are likely to be associated with men and which are more likely to be associated with women. There are certain crimes where women have little or no involvement most of the time. For example, men tend to be victims of violent crimes. This is a statement proven by sources such as the National Crime Victimization Survey or even the Uniform Crime Report. However, Britton explains that the NCVS is much more accurate than the UCR. The NCVS provides reliable information on some of the most violent crimes like rape and assault, to minor crimes like theft or burglary. Statistics clearly show that men are most likely to be victims or be involved in violent crimes, with the exception of rape. This is just one example of how crime is gendered.

Crimes like aggravated assault and simple assault are also gendered. Aggressiveness plays a key factor in these types of crimes. While women do have aggressive tendencies, men openly show their aggressiveness through physical or violent means and women project it in less overt ways. Women also tend to be less physical or violent. There are other reasons why men are more likely to be involved in these types of crimes. Britton explains that, “Men are far more likely than are women to carry guns… and it is also the case that men are simply more commonly present in locations – such as bars and on the streets – where assaults take place”. (Britton, 85) However, sometimes women become involved in violent crimes in a more “personal” way. While men tend to be victimized by strangers, women tend to be victimized by intimates or people they know.

Masculinity also plays a large role in explaining why crime is gendered. It is not only a component in a crime like rape, but also in assaults or homicides....
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