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Introduction :
The era of dacoits like Fulan devi & Virappan have been passed away. It has been very nicely shown in the movie like Sholy & Bandit queen. The heinous crime like Dacoitey, Robbery, Murder, Rape are still there but even these dacoits, robberer have been changed there way of doing crime with the help of modern technology. Information & Technology Act 2000 has been enacted to combat the modern type of crime. Cyber criminal are come up & have been doing a huge damage to society as well as to the Nation. The digital world has made life easy but, at the same time, it has attracted many crooked minds that disrupt the life of others. These days, traditional crimes like rape burglary etc are committed often by exploiting the power, user friendliness and availability of digital equipment as well as by unethically taking advantage of the easy accessibility to information. However, many of these criminals are often unaware or underestimate their digital gadgets power to store the usage details or digital data; the investigation agency’s capacity to access these details available to the court as digital evidence.

Importance and significance of the study:
India achieved a lot in various areas & has been respected since ages by all nations due to its research in Spirituality, Yoga & Aurveda. But some of the old problem area like Population, Illiteracy and poverty are always the hurdles in India’s progress & make it sometime vulnerable against enemies. With fastest changing world of technology It has become great challenge for investigation agencies to control & investigate the crime. Though it has been said that, “No one will escape from the binary language” i.e. from digital web, but it is become very difficult to make available modern equipments & technology. Again there is limitation on its utility due to techno savvy people are less in numbers. Some of crimes in which modern technology have been used are as mention below. * Financial crime.

* Cyber pornography.
* Cyber stalking.
* Web jacking.
* Cyber terrorism.
Even It has been used for petty theft, robbery & house breakings. Criminal are using mobile phone & Internet for fixing their targets, getting detail of it, giving threats on mobile phone for extortion. Investigation agencies also explore various modern techniques to combat the modern criminals. It involves Forensic science or forensic investigation, experimental work, processing of data or fact. With the help of modern & scientific techniques, Investigative agencies also have come up successfully. D.N.A. profiling, Narco-Analysis, Psychological Detection of Deception ( PDD) i.e. lie Detection, Brain mapping, Criminal profiling, Psycholinguistic profile, Optical & sound surveillance, videography, Digital photography, C.C.T.V. footage are some of the modern techniques have been used successfully for investigations.

Objectives of the study :
* To study the changing trade of crime.
* To study the ways of scientific investigation.
* To study the impact of modern technology on crime.

Hypothesis of the study:
* There is huge change in crime due to modern technology. * Scientific investigation made a huge change in the style of investigation. * Conventional technique like third degree & torture are being died away.

Research Methodology
There are two ways to collect the data for the research, Primary data, Secondary data and Data Analysis. Primary data : A primary data are those , which are collected a fresh & for the first time for the purpose of the research and thus happens to be original in nature. Here the researcher will collect the primary data with the help of survey method. A structured Questionnaire will be prepared for the police officers in Nashik city. And their responses in the discussion will be collected fulfilled the objectives of the study. Secondary data : Secondary data...

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