Crime in Todays World

Topics: Etiquette, Waiting staff, Busboy Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: April 4, 2011
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In today’s world people aren’t like they use to be. The crime rate has tripled year after year, people you see everyday murders, thieves and cheaters. I remember when everything was nice and quiet and never got to out of hand. When everybody knew each other and trusted one another. I am going to talk about the different types of scenarios and illustrating each one at the same time.

The first Scenario is when people jump in front of you in a buffet line, which is inconsiderate and should be handle with a little bit of patience. One day you’re leaving Sunday school with your family and you all decide to dine-out today to a nice restaurant, you get to the buffet and your standing their waiting to get your food, the line moves up and he person behind you jumps in front of your and takes your spot, not only your spot but the rest of your family spot. People today think they can make up their own rules and that’s how altercation happen.

The next scenario that I want to talk about is road rage. You’re on the free way minding your own business on your way to work you see a car behind you and you get over to let them pass but then they get in front of you and hit brakes and slow down. That’s inconsiderate and ignorant of the other driver’s safety and well being. Another form of road rage is when you’re on a dark road and you turn lights on to see and another driver is racing behind you flashing his lights and high beams and all of a sudden flies right past you on a dark road. That’s not only dangerous but is also a violent action because anything could have happened to you or the other driver, you could have lost control of the car or he could have hit you anything could have happened. The third scenario I wanted to talk about is waiting to get served at a restaurant. A new, local restaurant opened up in my city and I went there for lunch today to check out the menu and hopefully bring my...
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