Crime in the Bahamas

Topics: Crime, Police, Death Penalty Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Jason Williams
March 16, 2013

Crime in The Bahamas

Crime in The Bahamas has always been a serious thing. Our crime rate is among the highest in the region because of the small population we have. It is not like before where you could leave your doors opened and unlocked without the fear of being robbed or killed. Many Bahamians no longer feel safe in their own homes. The violent crimes have skyrocketed, with murder records set in four of the last five years. Crime breaks apart communities, hurts our economy, and ultimately tears at the moral fabric of our nation. Crime greatly affects our economy because the more crimes are nationally publicized in the newspapers, the more tourists are going to see them and be hesitant to visit the Bahamas. Five solutions I have read about from the PLP and what I think would lessen the crime rate dramatically are operation cease, swift justice, urban renewal and the safe Bahamas initiative. Operation Cease Fire

It is known that small groups of serious, chronic, and violent young offenders have the tendency to commit the most and the worst crimes. Because we know where most of these crimes are committed, there could an intense law enforcement focus on repeat offenders and the most violent criminals. Also wherever the most crimes are usually being committed, this is where law enforcement should regularly patrol for suspects. Urban Renewal

If we can renew communities, we might be able to successfully fight against crime.  We could build stronger communities through grants for community improvements and citizen Crime Watch associations.  The youth would have more after school activities to keep them occupied such as marching bands and computer classes. Most importantly there should be more of a police presence at some schools. 

Swift Justice
The faster criminals are prosecuted, the more effective the justice system will be. Murder cases could be tried within twelve months, and cases that deal with threatening law...
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