Crime in Society

Topics: Crime, Humans, Perfection Pages: 4 (692 words) Published: October 8, 1999
What is this world coming to? Our society is losing its

authority. Why is there so much crime in society? There is so

much because there are so many people that never consider the

other person that they are stealing from or causing harm to. All

of these people are self-centered and never think who they could

be hurting but what they are going to gain from the crime

whether it be happiness or self-respect they don't think of the

consequence or how the person on the other side of the crime

feels. The reason why this is, is because the parents today are not

cutting it. They are not teaching their children the difference

between right and wrong. How come Aristotle says that society

perfects human but yet no one is perfect?

If our parents would take a little more responsibility with

their children we wouldn't have so much crime. Our parents are

not putting enough restriction on the kids. There are letting them

roam free because they feel guilty when their children complain

and cry so they let them have their way. On a few cases the

parents try their best but they still grow up to be some of the

unfortunate cases that still commit crimes. These types of

criminals are the ones that have an influence to commit crimes.

Most of the time the main influence is peer pressure. Usually the

person wants to fit in so he commits a crime thinking that he will

be excepted. There are also very few cases of when the person

grows up and unfortunately has a natural desire to break the

rules. Fortunately this can be corrected from grammar school if

caught early, if not it can lead to horrible consequences. If

parents are lucky they can raise a normal child that will lead to a

good life with much to gain from a few years of hard work to many

years of happiness and...
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