Crime in Mexico

Topics: Mexico, Mexican Drug War, Felipe Calderón Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Danielle L. Curiel

Crime in Mexico
In just six years, society witnessed the rise in drug related crimes throughout Mexico. Beginning in 2012, fewer crimes pertaining to the revolting drug violence have been reported. Where there are thousands of innocent civilians that have lost their lives in the past, due to the drug war. Can this assumption be trusted? Or is the media simply withholding information from the rest of the world? Violence relating to drugs has long existed in Mexico before it brought attention to the outside world. In 2008 yet alone, there were hundreds of reported killings and drug crimes. As the years passed by, these numbers of reported crimes began to escalate, shedding innocent blood in the streets of different districts. Possibly even thousands went undocumented.

Since January, a silence has fallen over Mexico, almost as if an iron curtain is obstructing our view of the truth. However, earlier in February, Mexican government officials have reported that an estimated amount of 47,515 people had been killed or badly injured in drug related violence. Another report released afterwards proves that violence has risen by eleven percent since December 2010. Recently as well, the homicide of seven students of the University of Mexico City has stirred up violence with the Gulf Cartel. “Why was my son murdered? He was 24, and he had never tried drugs…He had paid half his university costs with a sports scholarship … Why then was my son suffocated by hit men from the Gulf Cartel? Why did his six friends, just like him, die at his side?” A father of one of the victims, Javier Sicillia, tearfully tells CNN. “The horrific story of my son and his friends is one of thousands like it in our country. More than 60,000 have been killed and 20,000 have disappeared because of the myopic war strategy Felipe Calderon and the Mexican security forces have pursued since 2006. Some murder estimates are even higher.” He states with tears gleaming in his eyes....
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