Crime in Belize

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Crime Situation in Belize
Belize has a bad reputation for crime, but while it's true that Belize City has a relatively high crime rate, it certainly doesn't lie up to some of the stories you might hear, while crime against tourists in the country as a whole is very low, especially in comparison to other Central American countries. Violent crime against tourists is very rare, even in Belize City. In Belize City, theft is now fairly common, the majority of cases involving break-ins at hotels: bear this in mind when you're searching for a room. Out and about there's always a slight danger of pickpockets, but certainly no greater than in the surrounding countries, and with a bit of common sense you've nothing to fear. The atmosphere on the streets is much less intimidating since the introduction of the tourism police, but nevertheless it pays to be aware of the dangers. There's also a chance of something more serious happening, such as a mugging. During the daytime there's little to worry about. However, at night you should stick to the main streets and avoid going out alone, especially if you're a woman. If you arrive in Belize City at night, take a taxi to a hotel, as the bus stations are in a fairly derelict part of town - though not bad enough to worry about for daylight arrivals. Having said all this, muggings are really not that common, and your greatest fear is likely to be the mood of intimidation on the streets, which makes Belize City feel far more dangerous than it actually is. If you do need to report a crime, your first stop should be the tourism police, where they exist - crime against tourists is taken very seriously in Belize.

What alternative do you have to offer as a possible solution? we need to increase our police and other forms of justice and prevention we lose money in the economy from drug-related crime
it makes people afraid and pushes more anti-theft, neighborhood watch, etc. programs.... What impact has discussing this issue has on me...
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