Crime Data Comparison

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Crime Data Comparison
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August 1, 2011

Crime Data Comparison
In 1929, the International Association of Police Chiefs decided there was a need for reliable, uniform crime statistics. In 1930 the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) was given the task of collecting, publishing, and archiving crime statistics. The report would eventually become known as the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Program. This report is a collaborative effort of more than 17,000 cities and law enforcement agencies who voluntarily submit data on crimes reported in their respective areas. Aggravated assault, also known as felonious assault, is defined as the unlawful intent of attempt to injure or cause bodily harm to another with or without a weapon. Unlike battery, serious injury does not need to occur for the charge of aggravated assault to be made. Important to note is, if any forceful sexual offense was committed during the assault, the charge becomes aggravated sexual assault. According to the UCR published by the FBI, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada had a combined total of 8,614 aggravated assaults in 2010. Surprisingly, Reno’s contribution to that number is very small with only 728 reported assaults; leaving Las Vegas with the remaining 7,886 assaults (FBI, 2010). Not only is the population of Reno significantly less than that of Las Vegas, 222,242 versus 1,416,401 (15%), reported aggravated assaults are less than 10% than those reported in Las Vegas. This information clearly indicates the difference in the size of the population has a direct effect on the number of assaults reported. It is common knowledge that not all crimes are reported, thus making the true number of crimes unknown. The rate of crime has changed over the last few years in both Reno and Las Vegas. In 2009 Reno reported a total of 971 aggravated assaults; 86 more than was reported 2007. In the same time frame, Las Vegas reported 7,735 in 2009, up 187 from 2007. Using the numbers the UCR...
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