Crime Data Comparison

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Economics, Unemployment Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: May 31, 2009
Crime Data Comparison
Comparing Murder Rates between two metropolitan areas

Angel Grape
University of Phoenix
5/ 26/2009

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In this paper I will be comparing the murder rates between San Antonio, TX and San Diego, CA. Both have over one million people; however the comparison between the two cities is quite different. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, in 2007, San Antonio had 122 murders versus San Diego’s 59 murders, a difference of 63 murders. In 2006, San Antonio had 119 murders in comparison to San Diego’s 68 murders, a difference of 51 murders. In 2005, the murder rates between the two cities were very different. San Antonio had 86 murders and San Diego had 51 murders. The numbers between the two cities were the closest in 2005. San Antonio’s rates went steadily up whereas San Diego’s rates varied only slightly within the same three year period. There are many possible reasons to consider for this rise in one city and only a slight increase in the other. One of those reasons could be a change in economics between the two cities. The population increased by 45,000 people in San Antonio due to hurricane Katrina and only increased by 1,100 in San Diego. San Antonio took in many of the victims of hurricane Katrina, making the economic times tougher there. The addition of these extra refugees helped to further drain the economy of the area. San Diego, farther to the west, didn’t get as many of the Katrina victims therefore the economics were not as strained. In San Antonio, there are a rising number of Hispanics in comparison to San Diego. There is also a rise in drug trafficking there versus San Diego making it possible that the increased drug problem created situations for more murders to occur. Heroin is one...
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