Crime and Punishment

Topics: Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov, Novel Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Crime and Punishment\
Thesis Statement: In Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, poverty helps set up the theme of nihilism. I. Life of Author
A. Early Years
B. Education
C. Start of Career
D. Style of Writing
E. Review of Crime and Punishment
F. Death
II. Poverty
A. Crime and Punishment
III. Nihilism
A. Definition
B. Effect of Nihilism in Crime and Punishment

People will sometimes go to greater extents just because they believe it’s for the better of the people. Mankind may sometimes reside to murdering a person in belief that it will benefit the society because that person is worthless and just takes up space. In Fedor Dosteovsky’s Crime and Punishment, the character Raskolinikov decides to commit a murder or in his eyes, rid society of a worthless person. Sometimes poverty will make a man tip over the edge. It will cause a man to commit a homicide because in their mind they see that person worthless to society. In Doestoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, poverty helps setup the theme of nihilism.

“Life is in ourselves and not in the external,” writes Fyodor Dostoevsky in a letter to his brother dated December 22, 1849. “To be a human being among human beings, and remain one forever, no matter what misfortunes befall, not to become depressed, and not to falter—this is what life is, herein lies its task.” This passage was written immediately after Dostoevsky underwent the traumatic experience that Tsar Nicholas I ordered for sever prisoners condemned to death for supporting the expression of free thought within the Russian state, a mock execution in Semyonovsky Square, a staged performance so terrifyingly real that it induced insanity within one of the author’s fellow prisoners. The quote is evidence of Dostoevsky’s strength of character; his would be a difficult life living in poverty, he would helplessly watch as many of the people closest to him died from the ailments of the poor. It also exposes the...
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